Benefits of a social listening service

Social media listening is a way to keep up on everything that impacts your company online even when you’re not actively paying attention. Whether it’s a negative comment or someone pleading with customer service, there’s more discussion about your company online than you could ever hope to stay on top of, even if you dedicated 100 percent of your working hours to the task.

But the beauty of social media is that you can glean insights via a social listening service that you would never be able to derive otherwise. That can help guide growth or at least indicate areas that need a little work, and that can have a very real impact on how your company is perceived online.

Ad-hoc search

Do you need historical data? We can go back to 30, 60 or 90 days. Search through historical data at any given time.

Monitor social mentions

We provide you with the tools to monitor social mentions of your brand, allowing you the opportunity to plan and engage.

Track brand reputation

Your reputation affects the bottom line. We help you track your brand health and benchmark it against your competitors.

Consumer segmentation

Armed with the tools we provide, you can easily do consumer segmentation by demographics, interests and behavior.

What is social listening?

Social listening is the active tracking of mentions and conversations that include your brand, as well as the analysis and development of strategies and the identification of opportunities to act. In this sense it’s a two-part concept: step one is concerned with monitoring social media and step two is the analysis, insight or action derived from that data. An action can be as simple as responding to a question or as complicated as shifting your entire brand positioning.

Social media monitoring and social listening are often confused, but the truth is those two terms are interchangeable to a certain degree because of the overlap in data and tools used. Media monitoring is more about precision, where every mention and occurrence must be found and accounted for. For example, a telecom regulatory body may want to ensure all operators are in compliance in their communication. Social listening on the other hand is less precise but more voluminous. By looking beyond the data, social listening attempts to define the mood and emotions that drive your social media mentions, helping you better understand your audience and the audiences of important competitors. If you’re trying to gauge social media sentiment, social listening is how you do it.

Unlike social media monitoring, which is consumed with content analysis, a social listening service is concerned with the creators of the content and its audience. We do this through historical data as well as current and future data, using all of it to direct and inform your social media presence and the items that you choose to take action on.

Why social listening is important

Without a social listening service, you can’t develop your social listening strategy, and that means leaving lots of valuable information and insights on the table. When you’re not listening to what others have to say about you, it’s hard to do better and improve in the ways that your most ardent brand supporters want. All the information is out there — it’s just about paying attention and acting on what you see.

Here are some additional benefits of leveraging a social listening service:

Better engagement with your customers

If a customer reaches out on social media and no one answers, it can feel like no one cares. After all, companies have all sorts of resources, and it can be off-putting if someone reaches out with a real issue and a company doesn’t reach out. With social listening tools, you’ll always know when someone has a question, problem or wants to sing the praises of your goods or services. That’ll give you the perfect opportunity to reach out, or to design some kind of approach or plan to deal with similar comments or online discussions in the future.

Reduce and mitigate crises

More engagement with your audience is a good thing, but not if much of the discussion is dominated by negativity or problems. If that’s the case, others may get the idea that there are fundamental issues at play, and that could impact your bottom line. But with a social listening service, you’ll uncover problems and issues long before they become full-blown crises, and that will give you the chance to get in front of it all and address the issue before it spreads.

More closely track competitors

While most people use social media listening to stay up to date on the sentiment surrounding their brand online, many actually use social media to track their competitors, taking cues from what they’re doing right and learning from their mistakes. If a competitor is shifting their focus or getting hammered in the press, you’ll know immediately, and that can help you design the right social media strategy to take advantage of any opportunities that you see.

Discover customer pain points

In the past, companies would spend considerable sums running feedback loops and trying to get legitimate information about their customers and products. Today, consumers are sharing this information freely online, and all you have to do is tune in. With a social listening service, you can be tuned in even when you’re not paying attention, which means that treasure trove of information is just sitting there and waiting to spark that great new idea or social media play. If you’re interested in how to make your products or services better, there’s no better source than the words of your very own customers.

Identify influencers and brand ambassadors

One of the best things about social listening is that you can easily identify influencers and potential brand ambassadors just from your social media feed. They’re already talking about your brand online, so why not hook them up with some freebies and see if they’ll spread the word? Or give them a sneak peek and see if you’re ready for that upcoming launch.

Competitor benchmarking

Benchmark against competitors to better understand your brand’s positioning among its peers. Discover how consumers feel about your competitors, identify industry gaps and leverage opportunities to differentiate your business.

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