We live in the digital era. Consumers are no longer running to their friends in person to share their experiences with a business. Instead, they’re constantly talking about their favorite brands via social media while simultaneously sharing their negative opinions about companies that might have provided a bad experience.

Essentially, consumers can say whatever they want on their social media accounts. If your brand provided service that was less than satisfactory, customers can share their experience in a post or video that could end up going viral. In the short term, this can get your name in the minds of consumers round the globe. In the long term, it could tarnish your reputation and keep potential customers from checking your products or service out altogether.

What do you do in this situation? Is your team prepared to combat the blow? The social media world never sleeps, especially with so many demographics and geographic locations in the mix. It’s unrealistic to assume your team can monitor your social media presence on an ongoing basis. It’s simply not enough to expect a team member to be on alert at every moment of the day. You need a pair of digital ears that can listen when the rest of your team sleeps.

SOCIALHOSE is equipped to help you develop and execute an effective emergency plan of action in crisis management. Social media monitoring services can give you the tools you need to monitor social media conversation so you can create proactive messaging for crisis diversion moving forward.


Our worldwide coverage helps you keep ahead of any potential crisis. Using our feeds, you can keep a close eye on conversations and their sentiments as they happen.

Stay informed

Our alerts system sends you notifications whenever there are news that you need to know about.


Our shareable dashboards and newsletters ensure your stakeholders are always informed.

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Creating a crisis management plan

Crisis management requires a team, skills and general strategy, but mostly importantly, it involves having a proper plan in place.

SOCIALHOSE can help you create crisis management steps that give you the leverage to handle issues before they turn into major complications. We’ve worked with many clients who needed a well-versed support professional to diagnose the level of a crisis, implement a problem-solving mechanism and control the situation.

Through SOCIALHOUSE Social Media Monitoring Services, you can stay ahead of the game when a crisis surfaces. Gain access to billions of posts and comments via social media in real time so you can monitor conversations and get to the bottom of the information fueling your current challenge.

With social media monitoring, your crisis management strategy becomes a simple and seamless process. With SOCIALHOUSE, you gain resources that can take your place when it’s time to sleep. These tools never rest and know no geographic boundaries and limits. When you plan for the future, you can avoid small issues turning into major crises and tarnishing your brand reputation.

Here’s how social media monitoring can assist your crisis management team:

  • Review negative comments and revive your brand reputation. Getting ahead of negative talk surrounding your brand name gives you an opportunity to respond to feedback that directly impacts the consumer. If you need to find relevant conversations that can assist in your crisis management strategy, our ad-hoc search allows you to search through historical data at any given time, going back as far as 90 days.
  • Bring positive comments to light. You should be capitalizing on the positive feedback floating around in the social media realm. We can help you track the health of your brand reputation and benchmark.
  • Be vocal in discussions relating to your brand. Show consumers that you are passionate about your products and services and willing to connect with customers on a more personal level. Monitor your social mentions so you know when it’s time to engage.
  • Maximize your ROI. Segmenting by demographics, interests and behaviors enables you to understand how valuable each conversation and opportunity for engagement can be.
  • Better understand the online behaviors of your target audience. Put yourself in a better place to react in potential crisis situations by anticipating the behavior of your target audience.

Our Newsletter Management and Webfeed Services can also assist in your crisis management strategy. It sends notifications whenever there’s news that’s relevant to you. Our shareable downloads ensure your stakeholders are always informed about valuable findings.

Stay a step ahead

When facing a crisis, reliable, live monitoring enables brands and institutions to track issues that could have an impact on their business or reputation.

Ready to start listening and executing your crisis management plans?

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