Communication Management

We take a look at your entire marketing & communication stack, starting with your phone line(s), emails, website, and socials. We also look at your printed material, packaging, bags and other physical items you use to communicate with your customers.

Menu Management

Restaurant menus are increasingly complicated and fragmented. We look at your sales channels and find the most effective solution to centralize your menus, making them manageable and easy to update. We also look at how customers are directed to your menus to bechmark and optimize your menu conversion rate.

Know your customer

Whether you use a full-featured POS or not, you may find it difficult to consolidate all your customer data with different sales channels and their own restrictions. For example, Ubereats will only share the first name and the first letter of their last name. Grubhub will share your customers' phone number. Google orders shares data based on each user's settings.

Linking your Doordash customer with your dine-in data from your POS would enable you to better anticipate your customers' needs.

Knowing your customer at such an intimate level allows us to then automate communication with triggers, like sending them a coupon to order directly with you when they have made their 5th Ubereats order.

We also protect your margins by taking control of your links, ensuring your customers know to order directly from you.

Audit your restaurant tech stack

Restaurant Tech Management

Save your restaurant profit margins from tech companies

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Full Stack Audit
Save 18%

Comms Audit

actionable recommendations

$49/ location

Audit report covers:
  • Phone systems
  • Emails and newsletters
  • Website (content and local SEO)
  • Socials (presence and reach)
More about Comms Audit

Full Stack Audit

audit all comms and menus

$99/ location

Audit report covers:
  • Everything in Comms
  • Everything in Menus
More about Full Stack Audit

Menus Audit

optimize menus and pricing

$69/ location

Audit report covers:
  • Print menus
  • Online menus
    Coming soon
  • Delivery apps menus
  • Pricing strategies
More about Menus Audit
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