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Full Stack Audit
Save 18%

Comms Audit

actionable recommendations

$49/ location

Audit report covers:
  • Phone systems
  • Emails and newsletters
  • Website (content and local SEO)
  • Socials (presence and reach)
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Full Stack Audit

audit all comms and menus

$99/ location

Audit report covers:
  • Everything in Comms
  • Everything in Menus
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Menus Audit

optimize menus and pricing

$69/ location

Audit report covers:
  • Print menus
  • Online menus
    Coming soon
  • Delivery apps menus
  • Pricing strategies
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Start by listening to social conversations

Social Listening Services

Analyze and compare trends, grasp the sentiment of an audience, and compare data. Develop reports based on rich data from your brand, a competitor, a product, or an industry topic.

Only pay for what you need

Our a la carte menu style makes it simple
Change your plan at any time.

The Menu


  • $ 3 News
  • $ 2 Blogs
  • $ 1 Reddit
  • $ 3 Instagram
  • $ 3 Twitter
  • $ ? Print

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get about our social listening services.

Each account is created with 10 searches per day. Additional searches can be purchased in increments of 10. Each ten is charged in the amount of 1x Media Type total cost.

A feed is a saved search that allows you to run analytics and export to newsletters and web feeds. A feed is charged at the cost of your selected media types.

For example, if you have selected 'news' ($3) and 'Instagram' ($3) media types, then each feed will cost $6.

You can export a feed to RSS, Atom, XML and HTML formats. Each exported feed costs $5.

We provide advanced social analytics, covering things from media coverage to demographics. Analytics is charged at $15 per feed. E.g. if your account had 3 feeds, then adding analytics will cost $45.

Our alerts and notification system has a full fledged newsletter management system. You can create groups of recipients inside and outside your organization. It costs $5 per newsletter.

Each account is created with 1 user by default. Additional users linked to the same account cost $15/user.

If you have multiple users from your organization or department with accounts, they can share analytics reports, comments on content, and feeds. This allows you to coordinate and manage the newsletters and web feeds better.

Each account is created with 10 searches per day. Additional searches can be added in increments of 10. Each additional increment is charged at 1 time the number of Media Types chosen, for example if 20 searches are added for a total of 30, the total charge would be the total charge for number of media types multiplied by two.

Feeds are saved searches, the significance of the feeds is that they are the basis for analytics. Each feed is charged at the number of media types total. For example if you want 5 feeds, they would be charged by multiplying 5 times the total charge of your media type searches.

Yes. Whenever you modify one part of the total package by adding or removing options, it affects the other variables in the pricing as well, so the entire offering is recalculated and then the difference is charged. For example if an additional media type is added it will also affect the feed total.

Yes, but it will be charged in full and expire with the same cycle.

You can remove options at any time, and the change will take effect on the next billing cycle. You will continue to have access to your option until it expires at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

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